Pretty - thought provoking

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Hi Ladies,

I saw this video and found it very very thought provoking and I was wondering what your

thoughts on "Pretty" are. As previously posted, I have had my implants removed and am finally

able to be  comfortable again. Comfortable when I go to bed, comfortable when I run or hug

someone. No more tight feeling in my chest. I did a lot of thinking and research and decided

they had to go. In hindsight when I look at everything I went through to have a set of implants,

I can't believe I did it. The option of not having anything done was barely presented to me. And

I was told that I would be concave since they had to remove a lot of tissue with my tumor so

close to my chest wall. I pictured me as this grotesque figure with these holes in her chest. And

It isn't like that at all. I feel like a boyish girl... well a boyish girl with scars. I am getting prostetis

for when I want to wear that sexy V neck dress. 

Here is the video, what do you think about the indoctrination of Pretty in reference to us Pinks?



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    Loved the video

    Thanks for sharing.  Should be a requirement for all moms of girls to watch.


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    Que Sera, Sera...

    That was an excellent and funny video and it's to bad almost every society has such false values.

    I remember Doris Day singing that song and I would sing along with, "will, I be pretty, will, I be rich, ...".

    I was older than you no doubt and didn't want reconstruction after having so many surgeries in '94.  I began with a minor surgery that morphed into a staph infection that nearly cost me my life.  Two more surgeries were needed to finally correct it and then breast cancer.  Three months later there was no question, I wanted the breast off, the tumor gone but no replacement of the breast.  I was very afraid of infections.  In fact it still does today, scare me more than cancer.  Infections can be lethal so quickly.  

    What really matters is the person you are inside.  . However, I am all for making a person fell better about themselves, especially if the robber was cancer.  For me it was the right decision, for someone else having reconstruction is the right decision.  One can redo years later or undo if they want.  


    PS:  I would send the bill to having your inplants remove to the guy that told you false information on how you would look.