Update!! Autolitt in lieu of Gamma Knife or Surgery ?

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Hi Family...the road is much different these days , but some of that, for me ..is good!


After 6 weeks in Florida, it is good to be home believe it or not !


Docs Gamma-Knifed a few times,  they did brain surgery twice, the lateset which ony a few hospitals have Docs say, is the...Autolitt, a form of probe with a laser ...to remove a nansty brain tumor.

Does anyone know about this?  CAT scan in a couple weeks but primary lung and lymphs feel good!


Love you all



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    Hi Dave, I always like to hear from you. 

    I know nothing of the autolitt, but I hope if you need to have it you will be able to have it done. 

    I wish you well with your upcoming ct scan and I'm glad your lungs and lymphs are well.



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    Welcome home!  Thanks for

    Welcome home!  Thanks for bringing the good weather back.  Have never heard of that probe.  I am interested I am in learning more.   You are such a trend setter.