Illiostomy reversal-rise in cea


I had a illostomy reversal at the end of January.  I had my last blood work done the middle of december 2012.   I just had my blood work done and my cea went from 2.1 to 5.7, can an irratable bowel cause my cea to rise.  Inflamation of the bowel.   I'm still adjusting to my bowel, some days are better than others.  Please reply to If anyone has had a rise in cea but the rest of my blood count is great.


my eos is 6- which is some sort of inflamation.


Please reply asap, i'm going nuts. Waiting for the doctor to call





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    YES - Inflammation will
    YES - Inflammation will affect the CEA. My husband has ulcerative colitis and his onc told him that a flare up of his rectum (his colon is gone, but he has 7 cm left which occasionally becomes enflamed) will cause a rise in the CEA. Don't drive yourself crazy over this. I think you're fine.

    Good luck