Treatment #3

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Am going in for treatment No. 3 on Monday. See the doctor on Tuesday and then get the drip off Wednesday.  Then Thursday a.m. am having the kidney stone removed along with the stent and another stent put in for a few weeks.  Am still battling diahrrea at times.  Good thing I have lots of lomotil.  Now I have hemmroids from all the diahrrea.  One thing always seems to lead to another, but am honestly starting to feel a little better.  Got to swim 1000 meters this morning and then 10 minutes in the hot tub.  The swimming feels like it is pulling on the port but not enough to make me stop.

Am meeting more and more people who had some kind of cancer or another - they all say keep plugging away - don't give up.  So this is encouraging.  Happy Easter.


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    Don't you just love all the

    Don't you just love all the side effects?  I'm the opposite and have constipation most of the time.  At least you were able to go swimming today.  On my good days, I try to make sure I do the treadmill.  Yep....we have to keep on plugging away.  Hoping everyone on this message board will be cancer free one day!