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Hi, At all


I am new here, I m from Argentina, I always had read this forum, but now I want to start to participate and work togethers against cancer, my ideas are generally out of protocol, but sometimes I takes common protocols some parts. I am caregiver of father Stage IV. I hope, we can work together.

I have something personal against colon cancer, and I am doing research since the last two years.


A hug for everybody.




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    Welcome Fede!
    We are

    Welcome Fede!


    We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your father to find a solution for his cancer.


    We all have cancer a little different from each other.  There will be enough people with similar cancers to help you with advice.  


    Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!  This is very important to any chronic disease.  60% of chronic disease people have major complications from lack of nutrition during their fight with a disease.  If you do not eat to make the body have strenght, you will not have the stength to fight off the disease. Drink Drink Drink!  If you do not have proper hydration you will add complications to your fight with the disease. It seems simple, yet most will have a complication with one of these issues.  My self included!  I let myself get dehydrated and ended up in the hospital for eight days.


    A good diet with healthy real foods will help a lot.  No more Fried, Boxed or canned foods.  There are to many chemicals  in them.  


    If you give more information about type of cancer, location of cancer, stage, then people can give more help. Else we can always listen and send good thoughts and prayers your way!


    Best ALways, mike

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    Welcome to the group, Fede.
    Welcome to the group, Fede. I look forward to getting to know you.

    (husband has stage four)
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    on this journey nobody want's to travel.

    Happy to meet you

    Petra from Germany (husband stage IV)


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    Hi Fede...I've read some of
    Hi Fede...I've read some of your posts on colonclub. I know you are very passionate about this and have done much research. Look forward to reading more from you here.
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    Sorry you have to be here but glad to have you as part of our team/family.

    GOD's blessings to your Father.


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    Hi Fede!

    Nice to see you over here.  How is your dad doing these days?  Hugs back 'atcha~Ann Alexandria

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    que, no hay besos?  Wink

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    Welcome Fede -- Our board can always use a new voice of

    support, kindness, and respect.

    I see that you are interested in treatment protocols that may not be conventional.  Recently, I have started labeling my posts that discuss Complementary and Alternative Medicine as CAM: followed by whatever your post is about.  It is just a suggestion -- a way to alert those interested in alternative approaches and also a way to alert those that might not be.  Sometimes discussions on the board take a painful turn when passions collide and respect is lost resulting in unnecessary stress for all involved.  Stress is likely the last thing that cancer patients or caregivers need to add to their life when they come to a support board. I think you will find that healthy debate does exist here when folks are careful to not be disrespectful.

    I am also a caregiver for a loved one with stage four cancer and I know it can be very challenging.  I hope you father is faring well and that by joining our board you will get needed support that will help you, help your father.


    Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution. - Kahlil Gibran