Please Read .. Petition for Colorectal Cancer !!!!!!!!

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About 6 months ago I lost my uncle to colon cancer. He was diagnosed four months before the disease took his life. As a family we are trying to help save the lives of others. We need 100,000 people to sign this petition for our voices to be heard. There are about 102,480 new cases in 2013 that can result in as many as 50,830 deaths. One in twenty people are at risk for developing colon cancer because we are not educated on this issue. Incidence rates in adults younger than 50 have increased over the years resulting in a number of people losing their lives so young. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW !

Petition Link

Early screening can save a life.

Thank you for your time and support,


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    sorry about your uncle

    the link does not work, could you check it.

    warning is nice, but preventition is better in my books, and that means a healthy lifestyle.



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    Im very sorry about your
    Im very sorry about your uncle. Looks like you have to set up a white house account to sign the petition. I will do so later when im on my computer. I hope you get enough signatures. I really dont think lifestyle changes is the complete answer Pete. Too many young active people are getting this. Lots of really inactive fast food eaters not getting it. It does seem early detection will be our best solution. Did you post on boards too?

    Good luck...thank you for doing this!
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    I'm AGAINST Colon Cancer so I can't sign anything that's FOR Colon Cancer