7th TX

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Started 7th tx of fulfox. Oncologist is very happy with how I am doing. Blood and liver functions are wonderful. He looked at Jim and said it's really a miracle. Jim and I just said...purple potion. Jim's lumps (stage 4 melanoma) have disappeared near his clavicle, one under his arm seems to be gone, and the largest is now very small. I go to the surgeon Thursday to discuss reversal of colostomy. I would have to be off the avi (whatever the chemo is that you can't be operated on until you are off it for 4 weeks, as it makes u not heal as quickly). So, my oncologist said he has no prob stopping it for a period of time. Me, I'm not sure. Depending of the post-op time of colostomy reversal, I don't want to miss more school than I have to, certainly not a month. I have no problem waiting until June to have this done. I also don't want to go off tx for weeks if I don't have to. I'll discuss this with surgeon Thursday. Anyway, my first week back at school went well. Knock on wood things are going good...



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    I admire you.....

    So much for going back to teaching. Those children are lucky to have you! I went off avastin for a month before surgery and my cea number did not increase, continued the other chemos until right before the surgery. I am glad you and Jim seem to be doing well!  ~Ann

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    Good news

    This seems like good news to me. 

    I'm so glad you are able to be back in the classroom, and you have such a wonderful attitude. Most people would be itching to get rid of their colostomy bag, but you are willing to wait so that you can continue at school. GO YOU!