External Cathethers

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Has anyone used external cathethers and are you happy with them?

Does anyone use them all day instead of Pads?






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    What a mess PCa has  put many

    What a mess PCa has  put many of us in that we even have to ask such questions.  I remember after I had the surgery to remove the scar tissue from my urthrea I had to use a cath for 7 days or so.  I had one of those leg bags for drainage that straps to your leg and about the 5th day or so I called my doctor and begged her to leave the cath in for another 10 days or so.  I told her I was practicing very good hygene, and that the cath was much more toterable than the constant leaking.  She said it was the first time anyone begged her to leave a cath in and no, it had to come out on schedule.  I was very disapointed.  Looking back I wish I would have tried the external- the Texas- cath.  I did hate the incontinence very much.  I would suggest try it.  What have you got to lose and 8- 12 pads a day is expensive.