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Recently diagnosed.  PSA slowly increased from 0.78 in 2005 to 4.1 in 2012.  DRE indicated small area of irregularity.  Biopsy - 4 of 12 cores positive.  Staged as T2C.

Original Urologist along with 2nd and 3rd opinions all recommend surgery given age (58) stage and overall health (no real issues).

MRI scheduled for late March (after prostate heals from the biopsy) with surgery likely to follow in mid-April.

I've been in denial for several weeks (I feel fine) but am slowly coming to terms with it all.  This site and your comments and the honest sharing of your experiences has been invaluable in helping me accept my circumstances.

I hope I'll have the positive experiences of many who have had the surgery, but I'll prepare myself to deal with whatever the outcome.

Thanks to all of you.


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    Because of your age I think you need to do more research.  RP is something.  Your penis gets shorter, incontinence is a real issue, and if it has spread then you get seminal vessels and nerves cut, or they might slip and they get cut.  Either way not good at your age.  Cyber knife might be a better choice.  Quality of life means alot.  Get into your sixties and up then maybe no difference.  

    Look into this a little more.  Cancer can be agressive but two months will not hurt.  As most people state on this site get a second opinion.  Send your results to John Hopkins for a second opinion.

     Cancer is scary, but once you are in the treatment groove it is just a Dr.'s appt, and etc.  can be overwhelming but do not let a Urologist rush you to judgement.  You only get one choice.  Get it right.

    Have they done CT scans, MRI's PET, or any others?  They do not always give great results, but at least you know what you are looking at.


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    Dear Tommy,

    I am sorry for your diagnosis..

    All of us who are diagnosed with PCa go through shock and all the negative feelings associated wth this. This usually lasts two or three months.

    While having these negative feelings, we are faced with educating ourselves so we, and not the doctor, who may or may not have a biased opinion, can make a decision on a treatment that can affect the rest of ur lives. Since this cancer is very slow growing, we have the luxury of some time to make a decsion.

    It is very important to research, read books, attend face to face support groups in your area. "US too" and "man to man" are national support groups that have local chapters. (need to google for your area)

    It is important for you to have a copy of all your medical procedures, so you can bring to various docs and discuss intelligently.

    Your opening post was somewhat incomplete for us to make comments on potential treatment that can be available with the least side effects and best outcomes since you did not post your Gleason scores and the involvement, that is the percent of the each core that is cancerous. As you probally know by now the Gleason indicates the aggressive of the cancer, so it is a critical piece of information among other information.

    The MRI that you will be getting is an excellent diagnostic test that can show if there is extracapsular extension, that is if the cancer is outside the core. Some MRI's machines are better than others. The ones that have a tesla 3.0 magnet are the best that is available and will show smaller suspecious lesions than other MRI's. It is important to use a high volume center of excellence since the personnel will do a better job in adminsitering this test.