My PSA came back 0.000.  My last HT shot nurse told me that Dr. Did research now had to get shot divided, on both sides of stomach. Side one did great.  Side two, after two weeks, finally stopped hurting but was still about three inches long and skin at end of injection site started flaking off.  Like it was dying.  Called nurse and she asked if I had pain, said not now.  She asked is anything draining out, I said not yet.  Hopefully nothing will.  Anyhow now Onc has scheduled me for PET scan Friday.  

Not liking this.  He asked me , last time, if I had been exposed to asbestos and I said yes.  Now wondering if this pain is from that as opposed to the radiation myositis. Will find out results next week.  Seems like mesothelioma would have shown up on CT scan.

Courious as to why the one side is not absorbing the liquid.




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    Mike, great on your PSA, I still don't understand shots to the stomach. I get my HT in the rear and very little pain or skin falling off.

    Asbestos is nothing to mess with, bad stuff. I hope that thing works out and they will, Never Give Up!



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    Everyone told me my whole life I did not have a rear end.  Nurse who gives me shots said I did not have enough fat in stomach and that was, maybe, making it hurt more.  I guess i did not have enough of an **** to shoot there and they are doing stomach.  I have no clue why they stick it in my stomach.  I think if they did this in the rear I would not be able to sit.  When they shoot it in it looks like a bubble.  Eventually it is gradually absorbed.  Usually a week.  This is going on three weeks and still have about two inch bubble.  Normally it starts about four inches.  Does not feel infected, but the skin is dying.  

    I got five friends of mine jobs as pipefitters in 1968.  By 1992 they were all dead.  I quit right after they started and went into construction.  Unfortunately was running a job at a local shipyard putting in duct for underground utilities and everywhere you dug you hit asbestos.  Heavy construction, back here, is something.  Most guys I worked with figured they would never live long enough to retire. Not like California.  When I injured my back I put myself through electronics school and started a business. Insurance co agreed to pay for my schooling, but two weeks shy of graduation they said forget it.  Fortunately vets benes helped me, but still stuck with a loan.  The law firms that handle mesothelioma, you do not need to be diagnosed just exposed, told me a few years ago, when nodules appeared, that I could not put in claim because of my cancer.