ip6 inositol


Has anyone tried ip6 inositol with success?Please let me know...I see lot of postive stuff written about this and not many side efects...doesnt hurt ot try...


  • Fucc
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    I have tried it, but

    I have tried it, but discontinued it while on chemo. It slows down cell division, which can be counter productive to the chemo.  I will go. Back on it once i am done with chemo. You may want to search colonclub.com. There have been a few threads on this where some found it, or believe it to be helpful. They are from about six months or so ago. 

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    just been looking into this (again) didn't realise it's also an iron chelator, amongst many other things, ordered it last night.

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    interesting question

    dear jane,

    I have not heard of anyone here trying it either over the last few years at least.


    its one therapy i have not tried, its supposed to be helpful in preventing lung mets, 

    something a few of us are concerned with.

    as a co-incidence i am having lentil soup tonight. if you try it, let us know what happens and your thoughts.



    ps as a warning, if you are using super artimisinin, i would not do ip6, as iron is required for artemisinins method of operation. I supplement iron on the days I hve the artemisinin shots. this is controversial also as iron is need in the angiogenic process.

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    I have been using IP-6 for 2+ years.  I chose not to have chemo because of poor prognosis for appendix cancer stage IV.  Took IP-6 2xday for 1st year (powder), now take 2 pills 1xday along with other supplements & vitamins.