Hi!  I just had an ablation of my Liver - Right Central Lobe.  I left the next day with just a little pain.  They went through my back right ribs with the electrobes.  I have an appointment next Friday with my Surgeon -  My oncologist is going to evaluate my CEA to determine if I need Chemo.  Any one ever had this path of medical treatment? Is an ablation a good way of treating mets? They saw 2 spots so far that they treated.  Any comments would be greatly helpful. Thanks.  ((Hugs))


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    Did RFA on Liver As Well...

    I was scheduled for a liver resection, but after they opened me up...the plans changed...

    So, they went RFA on my liver....I was already open for the full tumor was big...about 7cm x 9cm nearly....a gaping hole...

    Due to its location, they burned out what they could...but my surgeon had the foresight to implant the fuduciary beads that are necessary for Cyberknife to operate...there was still residual cancer from where he could not get to. 

    The combo of RFA and Cyberknife cleared me at the local level...we then introduced system chemo of Oxy, Xeloda, and later Avastin....

    I recurred again to my lungs....but the operation was considered a success.

    In fact, it was considered every bit of a success as the traditional open liver resection.  I had read the literature about RFA in the waiting room one day, while I was waiting for my surgeon consult.  The literature stated that RFA..."Has an Equal To - If Not Greater Chance" than a liver resection. 

    Even though, I recurred, I've still many, many people recur WITH a liver resection.  So, the fact that the liver resect would have killed me on the O/R table (surgeon's words), then the RFA as the next agressive treatment, did turn out to be in my best interest.

    Even though, it spread to lungs....we hit it with 2 more surgeries....much more chemo...and radiation....and now 21-months clear.....which is the longest time for me almost 9-years of battle.

    So, yes, it's a viable option...and a good one...a great weapon to use in the fight....and I'm still here to talk about....just 3 months shy of 9-years.

    I hope this helps alleviate some doubt and apprehension for you...more than likely, you will be asked to do more'll have to weight that one...since your spots have been small and have been treatable through ablation...perhaps, you could continue to cherry pick them and avoid chemo. 

    Perhaps for now?

    As always, follow your onc's recommendations.


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    I've had RFA's done 5 times on my lungs. I think they're great, very non-invasive, quick recovery too...