Wow,What a Week but Things are good!!

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My internet has been up and down so I haven't been able to get online..arrgghh...Had my partial nephrectomy on my right kidney last Friday..Surgery went well...Amazingly I started producing "perfectly beautiful" Urine immediately...I did so well that I was released on Saturday afternoon..can you believe it!! Of course I am still having some pain but who cares!! My Dr called today and said he got the pathology report back and it was clear cell but all the margins are clean...Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes...I can't believe I have beat this monster twice...I told you all my firefighter buddies said "I was one of the tough girls!"..LOL I plan on staying on here and in can't get rid of me that easy...I am soooo excited!!


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    Wonderful news! You sound

    Wonderful news! You sound like a trooper.. come put out our fires, we can use a toughy like you!! Wishing you all the best, keep doing what you are doing, you surely got it right!!

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    Keep the positive attitude!  It helps us all.

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    Post Op Check Today

    Haf my post op check up today...healing great... Heard Tim McGraw's " Live Like You Were Dying" on the way to the hospital and decided that is what I am going to do...because you know what...I beat the Cancer twice but I could die of something else tomorrow...Look out already know me and I just realized I was only getting started at 62!!