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I was diagnosed in March 2001. Type 3/stage 3 I think. Surgery and chemo. Removed section of colon. no colostomy bag. Cancer free still but also still experience "empty outs" every 2-3 weeks. I have eliminated the obvious stuff - no nuts, seeds, steak, other dense meats, spicy food, etc.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing bad days as long as I am and if they found a certain food type that seemed to cause it.

Also wondering if anyone else has short term memory issues still this far out.

not complaining - better than the alternative certainly - but am getting frustrated with these bad days and no correlation between what I eat and the upset bowel.

Suggestions? I don't have insurance so going to a dietician is not an option right now - doubt they would help much anyway - the only advice I got before was to introduce foods one at a time to see what was OK to eat again. (Gee thanks)



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    Have you tried a really good

    Have you tried a really good and strong probiotic? I've noticed that this helps me. 

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    Ray – First, thanks for the

    Ray –


    First, thanks for the quote from your bio:


    “Surviving cancer is like having the "check engine" light flashing for the rest of your life, and there is no way to reset it.”



    Any resection of any part of your digestive tract will (usually) result in periodic periods of constipation and diarrhea. Sweets can make for watery output, and high fructose corn syrup can play havoc!


    High Pulp Orange juice can sometimes work to slow things down, as well as potatoes and other starchy foods.


    We’re all different, and it’s the reason your providers said that you’ll have to try different foods and see what happens; it’s one big experiment!


    You’ll have to watch each item that you eat, and see what causes a problem four or more hours after you eat it. I know it’s a real pain in the arse, but it’s all part of adjusting to the new you.


    You’ll do OK!


    Best wishes,




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    Add Oatmeal or any other

    Add Oatmeal or any other whole grain to your diet.  Do it once a day until you are not clearing out.  Once you get regular, then you can lessen the whole grain to several times a week vs every day.  It took me three weeks to get back in balance, and now I eat a whole grain every other day.  Probiotics, help, but Oatmeal was what changed my BM. 


    Best Always, mike


    PS  I used Stone ground Oats, or other stone ground whole grains.