Big Pharma no different wherever it is..What does this bode for future?

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Has anyone heard of similiar cases in US/Europe,elsewhere? This is not about Austraila,per se, nor any specific individuals and in fact, action is no different that what "Big" anything does(auto,tobacco,insurance,law firms,agriculture,etc,)Money comes first!!!!!



(There's a link on right side of the above article from 11/12 pertaining to US courts on this......)

 What if "ABC Drugs" gets a patent on EGFR or KRAS?


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    owner Corps

    Gives new meaning to the phrase "you've been owned".  Or perhaps "Serfing USSA"

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    thanks steve

    this is a concern, i have talked with john stubbs, the guy who launched the action, he was supportive and fighting government to get systemic improvement for cancer patients.

    big pharma just got a bit bigger, piece by piece, ruling by ruling our future life quality is being eroded. its these rulings and the countless trials and laws before them that have resulted in our current problems.