and so it returns...

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Seen the doc friday. It has returned to my liver. Scheduling lobectomy.  :( wzith possible liver pump.t


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    ? return

    Kaye, maybe it hasn't returned. It was probably there all the time. Many of us have experienced what are described as "new" mets. Those who have no fututre problems after nephrectomy are extremely lucky. Most of us have to contend with new findings. I went from clear in the spring of 2011 to 20 mets by fall 2011. (that they bothered counting). Stay vigilent and do all followups. Cancer looks for opportunities. Don't give it any. Hey, did you really think that this would be easy? Take your 3 minute break and get ready for round 2.

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    K, you're young and you're strong. You've been there before and you can do it again and come out ahead.