One Kidney Over-the-counter Drugs?

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Since I had my kidney removed, I've been concerned about not only what to eat, but what's safe for me to take. My doc said avoid aspirin/ibuprofen, for example, and take tylenol instead.

I'm getting a cold or some kind of sinus condition (which I often do). I've been wondering if my frequent usages of antihistamines and nasal decongestants like sudafed might have contributed to my kidney cancer. I've always been a chronic under-drinker of water/fluids and those drugs really dehydrate you.

Does anybody know if antihistamines (claritin, zyrtec, etc.) or nasal decongestants like sudafed are hard on the kidneys? I'm not sure if it's ok for me to take them now.




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    There is a lot of good

    There is a lot of good information for how to take care of one kidney on the Livestrong website. I have also been told to avoid ibuprofen/nsaids. I avoid taking sinus meds as much as possible (sometimes I have to take one and my rx spray), because they tend to dehydrate the body. Avoid anything that dehydrates the body as you need to keep your remaining kidney hydrated. If it gets too dehydrated, it may decrease it's function and no one wants to go on dialysis. That also includes sodium as it tends to dehydrate, so a low sodium diet is recommended. Also, low protein diet is recommended as one kidney doesn't need to work harder to break down a lot of protein. I have also seen that we should avoid caffeine and potassium. You can read more on the website. Hope and pray you are doing well after your nephrectomy.