Bacon Cures Cancer

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My Mantra.  Today is my last day at work (and only day this week).  I am getting ready for round II surgery for a possible/probable solitarty lung met. The biopsy on the met (spherical, 1.5 cm) is somewhat inconclusive:  it may be a primary lung cancer, but my money is on a met. It is cancerous.  It feels wierd to be rooting for lung cancer. (I hope I do not get bumped off the a non smoker, I do not fit in their boxes.

I am taking a vacation, which ends two days before surgery.  WTF, maybe I will relax.  Maybe I will have a good time.  Maybe my wife will relax, which would be just as important.  (she is stressed).

I have been cleared for surgery, after some uncertainty because of an issue in the nuclear stress test.  They decided they can do the surgery, but I have to deal with it afterwords.  If it was less critical, they may not have alowed the surgery. 

Post surgery, we will see what the tumor is.  If it is not particularly agressive, I am done.  Otherwise, who knows?  I have some of the best people in the country working on me, as the work is being done at NIH.

I really hate cancer.

(the subplot to bacon cures cancer is you can only die once).




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    Bacon cures cancer...


    That goes well with my new pic, perhaps I should adopt it as my new mantra, LOL.

    Just wanted to say enjoy the vacation (you deserve it) and I hope your wife is able to relax and enjoy it too.  Overall I think the whole process is harder on caregivers than actual patients, the whole deal sucks.  I hope you are going someplace fun that will help you both forget about it for a little while at least.

    Enjoy yourselves, (that's an order)