Help about teenager stomach cancer

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Greetings !! 2 weeks ago my girlfriend diagnosed stomach cancer stage IIB , yesterdasaid trots said the cancer is stage 3. She is frI'm Europe and today she is traveling to New so she can have surgery in Tuesday .. She is only 17 years old , is she possible for her to live a long life ? The only thing that gives me courage is I hope god will help her , also lucky her family is rich so she can have the best treatment is available since cost is not a problem .  Can see get another stomach ? I will post if anything new comes up . Please I need your advice.  Have a nice.


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    Help about teenager stomach cancer

    Hi Panagosx, Yes you can live a long and full life without a stomach. You just have to adjust to how to eat and what not to eat. But to answer your question, I have never heard of a stomach replacement. I had my entire stomach removed in Nov of 2011 and I am here doing fine as of now, some 14 months later. Hope this gives you some help