Lymphoma symptoms / leukemia symptoms??

I noticed that Lymphoma symptoms seem to be very comparable, almost the same really as leukemia symptoms. Did anyone or their doctors also suspect leukimia before they were diagnoced? 


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    The doctors orginally told my mom she had Leukemia.  After the biopsy, they diagnosed her with Intravascular Lymphoma which is in the blood. 



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    Hi Fae,

     My PCP said he suspected Lymphoma from the moment he saw that the lump on my groin had grown in size, but didn't tell me anything until all the testing was done. He wasted no time getting all of the testing done and once the pathology was completed on my groin lump,we then knew and discussed exactly what kind of cancer we were dealing with. I never experienced any "guessing" or speculation, thank goodness!. For the life of me I don't understand doctors that guess or speculate openly in front of their patients before all of the testing is done. It was after I had all of the facts when I started going to web sites making myself crazy reading statistics about my FNHL. Learned quickly to not do that!  We are all different, even though we may have the same size does not fit all, that's forsure! Take care...Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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    Leukemia and lymphoma are closely related, since both are cancer of the white blood cells. In the 1800s, lymphoma was mostly thought to be a form of TB, due to similiarites in blood chemistry and some of the symptoms, but they are not really related.

    Hopefully you have none of the above ! Try to trust that you do not at this point.