Unexpected Enjoyment in a Mastectomy Bra and Prosthetics

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I had a BMX on 1/11/11 and I have been unable to wear a bra since then...

A few weeks ago, I went to order new LE gloves and LE sleeves from a local mastectomy boutique. They remembered me from back in 2011! I had bought one bra and a set of lighweight foam-like prosthetics. Because of pain issues, I never got to wear them. I always meant to donate them but never got around to it. While we were talking, I was discussing about my truncal and chest LE and that I tried wearing a camisole from Walmart that I bought in a smaller size but didn't work. They found me a type of sports bra that zips in the front and gives me some relief from pain and swelling. It is also nice because I always hooked regular bras in the front and would slide them around to the back. That would just be too painful at this point.

The "bras" that I bought are actually mastectomy bras for prosthetics. The gals told me I could wear them for added pressure. I wasn't too sure about it. But it was hilarious when we put them in and I had totally lopsided boobs!!! I looked so funny.

Well, a few weeks go by, and I decided to find my prosthetics today. It took a little work trying to figure out where I had put them...

SO I put them in. I walk out and stand next to my partner while he was sitting watching football and playing pinochle online...I stood there...I coughed...I coughed again...He knew he was not noticing something, but didn't know what so he said, "I love you" and started laughing. Finally I pushed my chest in his face...He really didn't care one way or another what my chest looks like.

I have been wearing them all day and I am not uncomfortable, but I also took Tramadol today. I had to take the bra off yesterday because it was just too painful wearing it.

I like my prosthetics. I have gained almost 40 lbs since I got diagnosed in December 2010 and they balance out my big belly. At least when I look down I don't see a big belly right away. I see boobs sticking out, and making my shirt bulge out.

What an unexpected surprise.


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    A very nice surprise!  I am

    A very nice surprise!  I am so happy that you like your prosthetics!