Hi mates this is FRIDAY any interesting plan for the weekend?



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    Having Christmas with the kids and grand kids. We will be alone on the 25th. Very different this year.
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    k44454445 said:

    i am happy for you & your family that you are home for Christmas! it sounds like you are feeling great!

    thanks annalexandria, pepe and judy
    thank you.
    its great to be home and to to be hugged and cared for on one hand, on the the other to have a cyber family that cares for you whereever we go, thats pretty special also. going to germany solo for 13 weeks was hard, i think this will be another post.

    just hugs. but hugs are so important.

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    Having Christmas with the kids and grand kids. We will be alone on the 25th. Very different this year.

    Enjoy it Rick !
    Happy holidays!
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    My weekend so far...
    drinking (mulled wine at the moment),
    watching A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot yer eye out!"),
    strangling my dog for eating half of my kids' carefully-constructed gingerbread village,
    and looking for my scissors and tape (which have been missing for 24 hours now, despite intense interrogation of all possible suspects).
    Also have been humming "Holly, Jolly Christmas" for three days. Need to stop.*

    *Did you know Burl Ives is actually NOT a snowman? I was basically a grown-up before I figured that one out.

    Ann Alexandria

    Busy plans Ann!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs!
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    Hey Pepe,
    Nice to see that

    Hey Pepe,

    Nice to see that you have lots of plans for the weekend, and that you'll be spending time with your family. I still have a little shopping to do for my Mom and Rick's sisters. I managed to wrap all of the kid's gifts tonight, but none of us are in a Christmasy mood since Rick isn't with us this year, but we're still going to try to make x-mas a nice day for the kiddies. That's what it's all about anyway, seeing their smiling faces as they tear open a present. :)

    Merry Christmas friends,

    Hi Cynthia !
    Well as I say many times life must go on! I think the best homage you can do to our dear Rick is to try to celebrate Christmas with your and his family,have the best days as possible dear cyn!
    Happy christmas !
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    pepebcn said:

    Busy plans Ann!
    Have a great weekend! Hugs!

    Thanks, Pepe-
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! AA
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    ketziah35 said:

    Let me just say ditto for joemetz's reply
    Went to the liquor store yesterday followed by the wine store. Went to the grocery store this morning. Bought 30 pounds if local pecans to my mom's house. Sorry I don't know the metric conversion. I am a
    Xmas addict. My dad is asking me why did I buy so much food, but he didn't ask me why I bought so much rum and vodka lol. We have 25 people coming for Xmas eve and 15 for Xmas. I am so happy to b with my family. I will b making sugared pecans and cheese balls tonight.

    Peace and love to everyone.

    LOL! Ketz you are so funny!
    Pay my respects to your family and take care with the vodka this days ! LOL.
    Have a great weekend!
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    Shopping, Wrapping presents, family time, and eating. Hope everyone has a safe weekend, traffic is so busy.
    Sandy :)

    Have a great weekend Sandy!
    Have a big hug!
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    joemetz said:

    five days!
    for me, I'm so excited for the next five days...

    I'm back to work now, and when I walked out of there on Friday... I said C-YA in Five days!
    today (Saturday) relax, coach a 6th grade girls b-ball game, and tonight dinner for 4 couples at a very nice seafood place downtown Toledo.

    Sunday: Church, shopping and final wrapping of gifts along with shopping for food and snacks.
    christmas eve: 25 people at my house for a Christmas meal and gift exchange
    Christmas day: 12 people from my wife's side of the family for food, movie, games and a full day celebration
    and, Wednesday... Chemo treatment at the hospital (just Avastin, so it doesn't take but 2-3 hours).

    thursday... back to work.

    Not looking forward to Wednesday, but certainly glad to be on this earth enjoying another Christmas with family.

    hugs to everyone and Merry Christmas


    Hi Joe !
    What an exact list! Wish you the best on the celebrations !
    Have a big hug my friend!
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    Dear Pepe
    Lots of plans the same as yours...grocery shopping...gathering with family and friends...enjoying the holiday.

    Merry Christmas dear friend.

    Marie who loves kitties

    Just love you my dear Marie !
    Enjoy it as well!
    Love& health!
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    maglets said:

    seems to be working now pepe

    have a wonderful holiday dearest boy

    much love, maggie

    Maggie ! Are you living near Santa? LOL.
    Much love as well dear friend!.
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    Busy busy

    Wow today is already Christmas day...the days just flew by.  We had our entire familycelebrate the holidays at our house.  I was very emotional because the past few months have been rough.  Pray everyone is doing the best they can this special day.  Jeff