still psa after radical prostatectomy

My first psa 6 weeks after davinci was .18 and 4 weeks later .21. My pathology was 4+3 and pT3a. I never had undetectable psa. Anyone with experience with persistance of prostate cancer and treatment? Pre-surgery psa was 23.4. I am 53 yrs old.


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    Similar Status

    Let me welcome you to the board. Here you got a series of survivors eager to help you in understanding developments during your journey with the cancer.

    I got a similar case of that of yours but found my “undetectable PSA” two times along my journey. The first period in the Zeros was after a sort of salvage RT and the second has been while on hormonal treatment.
    Ironically, I also did not get to “undetectable” after surgery and the results of tests were equally of PSA =0.18 followed by a PSA of 0.42 at the six month mark. My PSA before surgery was similarly at 24.2 ng/ml, and the pathological stage post op was equally of pT3apN0.
    My Gleason score was lower at 5 (2+3) and my age at op was 50.

    Since surgery in 2000 I have experienced recurrence two times. My series of treatments have been the traditional RP + WW + RT + HT. Fortunately I never experienced incontinence (urine and stool) but ED has been there since surgery (never returned to the 2 o’clock direction set) and HT, apart from the libido, robed me the energy to do natural things.
    You can read my blog at the CSN Space and my latest status at this link;

    I hope you “enjoy” our boat and get what you are looking for.

    Wishing you complete recovery from RT.

    Happy Holidays