planned CSN outage tomorrow night

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CSN will be down from 9 pm Eastern Time Thursday (tomorrow) until 9 am Eastern Time Friday getting a badly needed software upgrade. You will notice a few formatting changes and enhancements. Most importantly, site functionality should improve significantly.

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    CSN changes
    Great news that our excellent CSN is to have its performance level improved. It's so important to many of us that it's really frustrating when it's inaccessible or unresponsive.

    To all forum users, do take the trouble to read Greta's Profile. For patients, but even more so for caregivers, it provides a lot of food for thought and helpful insights from someone who knows it all so well FROM THE INSIDE. Yes, the beautiful and sophisticated lady you doubtless know only as our point of contact with the ACS CSN staff, has been through the mill as much as any of us and also has many years of experience as an oncology professional, which makes her ideaaly suited for the role she has at CSN. I promise you that a few minutes reading her story won't be time wasted.