considering taking down tram, whatever that means

I am a survivor. Tram was done in 2010. Have had excruciating pain since, everyday. Nerve damage apparently. Anyone else out there I like me? Has anyone ever had it taken back down? And what does that mean? I am not willing to be put in a vegetative state from meds, injections don't work. I have found one option of calmare pain relief but cant get that treatment locally yet. I beat cancer stage 3c just to be sucked down in this burning pain day after day that is quite high and I just wish I had never gotten this surgery!!!!!!!


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    I have never gone though
    I have never gone though this but just wanted to say I am thinking of you..

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    Have you asked to see
    Have you asked to see someone who specializes in pain management? They may be able to help you without heavy sedating meds. It may also be possible to take some meds for a while, and then take less or none once the nerves settle down.

    I personally am not interested in any more surgeries (taking a tram down sounds like a surgery), so I have a biased perspective. But I wonder if additional surgery would create additional nerve damage? Would taking down the tram mean a reduction in size? or a mastectomy? If it means mastectomy, I can tell you I have little to no pain from my bilateral, no reconstruction. The prophylactic side healed especially well. I wear prosthesis and am content with them.

    Whatever you choose to do, I hope you get some relief.

    Merry Christmas,