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I, personally, have not, nor do I have cancer. My best friend in California was diagnosed last week with stage 4 lymphoma. I'm not sure if it's Hodgkins or non. He has 5 tumors, one on his kidney, one on his liver, 3 in the pelvic region. He is currently at UC Davis hospital undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. I imagine it is easier for people who have had cancer to understand what he is going through. He has hundreds of supporters behind him right now, but I was hoping to gain some support from the cancer community in the form of positive thoughts, prayers, and if anyone is willing, your personal stories of conquest over cancer and how you kept the fight going. What motivated you? What inspired hope? How did you keep the fight when you felt like giving in? Please, if anyone is willing to share their story, so I can share the with him, we would both be very appreciative. His name is Johnathan Davis. Thank you to anyone willing!



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    I have stage 4 Hodgkins
    I have stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma ... have been thru the ringer. there is a clinical study of sgn35 he can try but i bet currently he is doing abvd. HL is 85% currable but im part of the 15 percent. If he wishes or you can contact me at!/richard.diaz.23
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    Hi Danny,

    Sorry to hear about your friend Johnathan. This site is full
    of success stories and wonderful supportive folks.

    Lymphoma is very treatable and curable in some cases so there's
    lots of hope.

    I celebrated one year in remission about a month ago!
    If you click on my picture or name, you can read the "about me"
    and learn more. Please invite your friend to join us if he feels
    up to it.

    Hugs and positive thoughts,

    DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)
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    Here is my history:
    Here is my history:
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    Your patient friend is lucky to have guys like you pulling for him.

    I would ask about the tumors being "on" all of the organs you listed. It would be very odd to have only 5 tumors, and yet for them to have spread into so many differing organs. Most commonly, lymphoma will go first into the bone marrow or spleen. I say this because the first two doctors who read my CTs were not oncologists, and told me that I had tumors "in" my lungs and on several other organs. It turned out that I had no tumors inside the lungs, and that the tumors that they thought were "on" my other organs were actually just large tumors growing next to those organs.

    Regardless, as others have already mentioned here, lymphoma is among the more treatable cancers, even in late stage.

    You might get more precise answers from the survivors here if you can find out what strain of lymphoma he has (there are over 30 common types of lymphoma, and many other rarer strains). Also, what drug regimine he is on will be helpful as well, since the drug combos differ dramatically in side-effects.

    Bless him and you,