esphageal cancer recurrence in lung

Dx 7/2010 chemo/radiation THE 12/2010 NED till March2012 showed 5 nodes 2 in one lung 3 in other. Coughing bad they gave infection antibiotic med.
July scan showed 1 node increase but all nodes less then 2cm they say to small to treat at this time. Do scan in Oct. Planned needle biopsy the doctors said to risky.
Did lung resection and removed 2 nodes in the one lung and was biopsied to be the esophageal cancer. Still no size change. Doctor also said bile reflux is horrible going to try to find drug he is not allergic to to try even though he takes 4 meds as it is now just for reflux not counting other drugs for nausea and pain.

Waiting for next scan Nov27th to see if nodes have become active and growing.
This waiting is driving us both nuts.

Question?? Has anyone else had to wait like this or were nodes already large enough to be measured to be put on chemo for recurrence right away?
We should be happy the nodes are not growing but it worries me about the one that did grow but they still say to small to say if chemo would work and they won't just do chemo with out a measurable size.

No growth is great but then that means scans every 6 weeks and that is so worrisome too

EC Fighter Caregiver, Carolyn


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    Did your scan tell you anything?
    I noticed your post hadn't been picked up. A lot have gone over to esophagealcancerfighters and other sites such as ones on Facebook. Many of the knowledgeable posters have left here. Paul61 posts here and is very helpful. I have no answer for your question but wanted to let you know you are not alone in your fight. BMGky