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Not feeling good all summer. When to the PCP. Did a thyroid test. Have hyperthyroidism. Send to a endocrinologist.(spelling). Put on thyroid meds. Had a thyroid sonogram. Have a 5 millimeter nodule on left lobe. Specialist said it is to small to biopsy. Will repeat sonogram in 6 months. Will keep taking thyroid meds and beta blocker. Just want to know if you guys think this is standard treatment for this nodule. Thank-You


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    I see that you had been
    I see that you had been treated for cancer.My husband found a small nodule on his thyroid while being treated for another cancer. His doctor didn't seem too concerned but when he saw the ENT for surgery she biospsied it and it was thyroid cancer and removed. It is the least of his worries given the other cancer but he is glad they addresssed the issue. I have heard of nodules that were watched for a while. Not sure how big they said his was although you could feel it. Best of luck.