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I know that we brothers are located thru out the world. We need to keep our members that are located on the East coast in our thoughts and prayers. This storm is big time bad. We need to support these members. PC is bad but this is real bad.



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    New Jersey
    I am visiting in New Jersey. My family lives on the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River, across from NYC. Fortunately we did not experience any problems, however, last night the winds were ferocious coming from the ocean; there is a large picture window in the living room that was shimmering during the storm. In the open parking lot, due to the winds, cars were moving around; a couple of them smashed into each other. Electricity is still out, in most of the surrounding towns. Also the towns near the River, such as Hoboken and Edgewater are swamped with water.

    I look forward to going back to California, where we only have earthquakes to worry about.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were less fortunate
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    This one missed us somehow. Hit Nags Head and the Eastern shore, plenty of flooding, but for some reason we did not lose electricity. Really important. Roof leaked a bit, not bad. Everytime we get a hurricane or nor'easter it leaks in the same three places. Can not find it.
    Anyhow family in Long Island got hammered. Those poor people up there, I really feel sorry for them. Sometimes it takes years to recover, days or weeks to get power back, realize that water is pumped, no juice, no water. One thing I learned, by accident, is if you buy a house make sure it is near a fire station, police station, or hospital. You should get juice back within two to four days. Watching news about Nags Head, and Northern Shore they got hammered. We are in the middle. Normal places flooded, houses damaged, but you have to figure if you live on the beach when it hits you pay. I live two blocks off Chesapeake Bay and it does not flood. Just holds the rivers and they flood. My family lives all over here and all are ok.
    Thanks for asking Kurt.