Kudos to the Veterans’ Administration

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I have heard a lot of complaints about the Veterans’ Administration, mostly from the vets at the hospital, but I have nothing but admiration for them. I am on active surveillance and during a recent compensation and pension exam a physician’s assistant (on contract to the VA) who had no training in urology or oncology and without doing any exam or any lab work concluded that my prostate cancer was in remission. This was without and curative treatment. I suppose he though just going to the doctor would cure the cancer (bless his tiny little brain). The VA reduced my disability to 20% based on the conclusion I was in remission. The very next month I had my biopsy and it came back positive in two cores and PIN in two other cores. So much for remission. I submitted the paperwork to the VA and it was approved in less than two days and within four days I was back at 100%.


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    I have been a patient of the
    I have been a patient of the Washington DC Vets Hospital since July 2011. I've been very impressed with all the care I've received from my entire medical team

    My son in law is a Doctor and has also been very impressed.

    Hmm yes well your PA does have a unique perspective on how cancer is cured.