Anal Cancer?

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Well my sister is really young. she have a bump on her anus that is greyish and can be moved easily and is not firm. I don't think its a hemroid as she have been using an ointment for about a week and a half now. Can anyone help? I have heard that if its cancer you can't move it is this true? I don't want responses about visiting a doctor because my dad is a pediatrician and he says it looks like a hemroid. I don't think its a hemroid though and in my view i dont think my dads a great doctor.


  • mp327
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    I'm sorry to hear your sister has a suspicious lump in her anal area. You did not mention how old she is, but I hope that she can get the answer as to what it is. As for a tumor not being mobile, that's not necessarily true. Mine was and it was still cancer. I wish your sister all the best.
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    Your sister needs to see a colo rectal specialist/surgeon. They know what they are looking for.
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    it is hard to not take your own father's opinion but many docs think it is a hemmy. get her appt. with colorectal surgeon and they will know more. sorry you are here for her. but perhaps it is not a bad thing. sephie