A bit worried - and is this menopause?

Tomorrow I go to Dartmouth. The oncologist they they'd found something they wanted to look at.

Also - Is this menopause - periods of feeling sooo sad, then angry, then irritable (for no reason), depression and anxiety, headaches?

I hope everyone has a good day today. Keeping positive is work sometimes, isn't it?


  • beila
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    mood swings..let's get rid of them!
    Hi Seaturtle

    I think most of us have gone through these unpleasant emotional ups and downs
    It is a journey to look for and find what works for each of us to minimize the downs.
    Dont be afraid of medication.....Ativan, possible antidepressants
    Also....what works well for me is something to look forward to...for me it is Cuba!!...(whoops, forgot, this is an American site!)
    But whatever brings you pleasure
    And humour...makes you laugh....for me it is Dave Barry books ("funniest man in America")
    And catharsis...getting it out....some good cries, and exercise (for me, swimming works wonders)

    Today I got a real lift by buying a new wig (hate my 1st one).....I am now a redhead, and I think I look much better

    Best of luck to you today in Dartmouth...let us know
    And try to find ways to feel good, one day at a time

    all the best,

    ps love your name...seaturtle

    pps one of the most important things that make me feel better...positive role models...there are a number on this site....doing well even despite recurrences, etc........even Lance Armstrong!