replacing port???

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has anyone had to have there port replaced??? i was out of it when they put my first one in, so i dont remeber much about it. i go in on the 24th of this month to have it done and the thing im scared about is the pain. even to me that seems crazy, i finally feel good on most days and the pain from everything is so minor comparred to what it was i hate adding to it. thanks everyone for leting me say this. i can not tell my family becouse they worry to much about even the little things.



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    Hey Amie! I didn't have
    Hey Amie! I didn't have chemo, so, no port for me. I am glad to read that you are feeling good! Some of the pinkies that have gone thru this will reply some information to you.

    Wishing you the best,

    Sue :)
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    Can't help
    My ports been in for 3+ years - my choice (with Drs approval) to keep it just in case it's needed. I'm IBC so with those odds it makes sense to me to keep it and flush monthly rather than to have another inserted if needed within the 5 year time frame.

    Are you having another one inserted for a recurrance after yours was removed or is it still being used and is malfunctioning?

    For me, port was easy and basically no disscomfort at all. It did get me out of doing barn chores for 2 weeks but I was back riding the second day (started A/C the next day) and teaching 2 days later. We're all different and our Drs are also.
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    I had my port replaced within 24 hours
    so I was still pretty sore. However, both placements (and removals) were done painlessly with local anesthetic. You do feel like someone punched you in the chest for a few days after, but it's really no big deal (certainly not in comparison with the rest of the stuff we've been through!)