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For anyone in Indianapolis looking for a PS for your breast reconstruction... PLEASE make an appointment with DR. CHRISTINE KELLEY at Meridian Plastic Surgery Center, 317-575-0330. She is the BEST! She will take such good care of you...she is an amazing, caring, compassionate, and meticulous plastic surgeon! In December 2009 I had a left mastectomy, TE placement on the left & augmentation of my rt natural breast w/ silicone implant. This was done by a different PS from Columbus, IN. My exchange surgery was in April of this year. I was never happy with the outcome... bumps, corners, wrinkles, & odd shape on the mast side, and development of capsular contracture on the right (non-mast side). Thanks to the lead of a good friend, I went to see Dr. Kelley. I am SO GLAD I did. She re-did everything (insurance paying for it all due to the contracture) anatomical implants on both sides... she is a perfectionist...symmetry is fabulous...shape is wonderful... they look GREAT...and I am only one week out from surgery. She doesn't advertise, because she doesn't feel good about marketing medical procedures which just adds to my respect for her. She totally cares about the outcome YOU want and does her best to see that you get it. PLEASE...if she is in-network with your insurance...CHECK HER won't be disappointed!!
If anyone here in Indianapolis would like to contact me personally to talk more about my experience with this whole process, please send me a private message. I'd be more than happy to share more.
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    More about Dr. Kelly?
    Hi there! I appreciate you sharing your experience. I am considering going with Dr. Kelley for a procedure, but I'm having a difficult time finding any information about her. Would you be willing to tell me more about your experience with her? How was the follow-up care? Scarring? I felt very comfortable with her in the consultation, but I'd like to hear more second-hand experience before I make a decision.

    Thanks again!

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    I'm in Indiana too, but
    I'm in Indiana too, but farther north, in South Bend. I also had bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction and my plastic surgeon is AMAZING!! Im glad youre happy with your outcome, alot of women are a bit disappointed at first because the implants have to "settle in" and "fluff out" after a few months.