So today was a hard day

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Found out my dads tumor grew and they are taking him off Nexavar ... It's hard not to be angry. I feel like we are doing everything to be positive. Going to drive to the a cancer hospital in the am and see if I can talk to someone. My dad and I argued about his results today, I think he wants to give up.
I understand this is his life, his cancer... But he's my dad! My life will never be the same without him. I haven't given my brothers the news yet... Still waiting for a plan I guess. This is the most overwhelming experience of my life, so personal, and yet I know our story is not unique! I've read every post ... And I am feeling incredibly discouraged. Going to pray for a better perspective tomorrow!


  • greene
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    Dear LIZY,

    I won't tell you to not be disheartened, the whole cancer experience not so much on my fun list in life. I have always said I am glad it happened to em and not my wife as I believe it may be harder on lvoed ones.
    I can say this, I have had cancer 3x in 18 years and everytime they told me I probably had slim to no chance of surviving, so, goes to show you, never know.
    I did go to a group and os did my wife for Grief COunseling. Not that anyone was lost, but when you ahve cancer it cahnges you and it is a loss of your health and lifestyle. I am not a "touchy, feely" type and yet I would highly recommend it, really helped me and my wife.
    I hope this helps some dear. God bless,