Advice questions about Hypersensitivity

I had a bilat on 2/16/2011. After a revision surgery on July 10th of this year I have noticed improvement - HOWEVER - I still have a great deal of hypersensitivity on my chest wall above the scar line. I do have some hypo-sensitivity and in one area displaced sensitivity as well (oh, yeah - this is all at the same time and mind-blowingly STRANGE!!) I have done the de-sensitizing/sensitizing exercises (same thing for those unaware) for these many months and they only seem to work short term.

Does anyone else have continuing issues with this problem? I have to admit I am QUITE tired of it. Is there a point in time at which it will fade away???

I still have an area on my one arm (the side with lymph nodes removed) where it is 95% feelingless (as opposed to numb) but the 5% feeling is pain. I figure though that it is at least progress!!

Thanks for your input!


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    I had my BMX with node
    I had my BMX with node dissection 1/11/11. I woke up with severe post mastectomy pain syndrome/nerve damage then developed severe scar tissue adhesions and now finally got a diagnoses of LE on both arms and truncal in spots.

    Only my left side has gotten quite a bit better. My chest and arms and part of my back still experience all that you talk about.

    Nerve damage and regeneration is impossible to predict. I read of some women who got considerably better (then there are those who didn't get it at all). I do know of some women on that are 5 years out and STILL have problems.

    I go to a pain clinic, take meds, get Lidocaine IV infusions every nine weeks...saw a pain counselor.

    I am sorry that you have to put up with this, too. I get disgusted with it,too.
    No one knows when and if it will go away and to what to degree. now has a Pain forum for us. Pinned to the top is a thread called PMPS/post mastectomy pain syndrome. Check it out and post there. There are a lot of us over there that post about this.