Isn't it Ironic

It just occurred to me that William is no longer here, not because he didn't survive, but because he is a survivor. He is, however, a survivor with opinions, beliefs and 10 years of knowledge that apparently is something not valued by the American Cancer Society. Their website should state that only those who DO NOT express themselves are allowed to BE a SURVIVOR on their Cancer Survivors Network. Ironic, don't you think?


  • BobHaze
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    I certainly think they should take a long, hard look at their site guidelines and Terms and Conditions, and how they are applied to and by their moderators, because there’s a breakdown there somewhere. I still can’t believe this…

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  • norma2
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    Good point
    You are so right!!! I too am still saddened and sobered at the same time by this happening. William was a huge help to me recently and I can't understand his being totally wiped out from this board. I must be missing something. Guess his ideology was not appropriate. Too bad. It is a loss to this site.
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    sad and ironic! you are so
    sad and ironic! you are so right!