Roux-en Y open surgery or colonic interposition minimun invasive surgery such as laproscopy....

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have you experuance two type of surgery for total stomach removal.... how long recovery? I need your feed back.... thank you and God Bless


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    Roux-en Y
    Hi Coach B,
    my boyfriend had this type of surgery and I have nothing good to tell you about it. After initial surgery(which is Subtotal gastrectomy with Roux-en Y connection), he had a complication that made his suffer for almost 40 days been in the hospital and then another reconstructive surgery was done again. Practically the Y connection was not done correctly which made my boyfriend to loose almost 40LBs and throwing up,because nothing will be going down to intestine. We were in the hospital for a 50 days!!!!!
    If you can imagine this picture you will see clearly what I meant. The liquid will go up and down in the stomach or " cooking" there till he throw up. And until now he still have same issue that he can't eat. Find my postings and you will See much clearly about him.
    If you are planning to have this surgery done, then my recommendation to you not to rush and go for a few opinions and then see if all of the docs say the same then go for it. However, another option is to go under homeopathy doctors care. Search them in your area where do you leave and check them out.
    Good Luck
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    Hi,My son's experience with
    Hi,My son's experience with total gastrectomy here(in Bombay,India)was very good.He not only managed a near normal life but also put on 18lbs.
    Get the surgery done at a reputed Cancer Center for the skill of the GI Oncosurgeon matters a great deal.All the best