Estuation tube problems

Anyone else have problems with their estuation tubes due to tumor or radiation therapy. There was a tumor or node that grew next to mine on the left side that closed the “E” tube and cause fluid build up in the ear. I had radiation to destroy the tumor and the radiation worked and fluid disappeared, but since than, my ear fills plugged most of the time and I can hear myself breath and talk through it and it seems to be getting worst. Strange thing is, when I lay flat on my back the ear feels normal. Sounds like fluid maybe but the ENT cannot see any and does not know what is happing. According to the cskan the tumor is gone.


  • Tim6003
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    Hi Coupe
    Can't answer your question but wanted to say hello. I'm sure someone will come along soon and be able to relate. I have not had the issue you describe.

    This is truly a great site...but you might can also find some info at

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Coup

    More then likely you cancer was NPC, there are a lot of us survivors here that had it. I had some of the same problems you did and had to get tubes put in both ears; sometimes the fluid is in the Mastoids and the doctor can’t see it unless he does an MRI. It took a few weeks after the tubes were put in that the problem went away and never did come back.

    Wish you well
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    Dawn - Sweetblood22
    Dawn might have had similar... I know she had something going on with her ears twice. Last was pretty painful...

    Hopefully she'll respond..she's been taking a little break.