Stage IV EC with SIR treatment?

Hello everyone - it has been a long time since my last post. My dad is 14 months fighting his battle with EC, he has done well with his chemo overall. He first was on Folfox now on folox. His ec tumor has been stable but his spot on his liver has increased to the point where his oncologist had him meet with Dr. Eric Reiner (Yale-Smilow in CT). Dr. Reiner thinks he would be a good candidate for SIR therapy. Does anyone have some information they can share or questions or concerns/side effects I should present my dad with??? I know its not a cure, but I believe its worth doing, right????????

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    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear William - Thank you so much for the helpful information you passed on to me. Dr. Reiner who is to perform the surgery is working with the insurance co. now, hopefully everything will go well on that end. I'm excited that this is available to my dad. I'm glad that you are doing well, God bless!!!!

    Thanks Jim
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