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    Enzalutamide is the name for the MDV 3100 drug which just finished trials for the treatment of prostate cancer and that belongs to the so called second-line hormonal therapy. This is a newer drug that better address intratumoral activity of cancer cells as a inhibitor of the androgen recptor. Other drugs in the same group but acting in different pathways are abiraterone (Zytiga), orteronel (TAK-700), galeterone (TOK-001), voriconazole (VFEND), cabozantinib (XL184) and APC-100.
    You may check for details typing its name in the net.

    The typical treatment with antiandrogens such as bicalutamide (Casodex) is limited and does not address intratumoral activity of cancerous cells that start producing its own androgens to survive. The new AR inhibitors are more “refined” in targeting the cancer cell. In other words, refractory to drugs like Casodex could be expected to occur from the initial stage of the treatment because intratumoral activity was not being addressed. The intratumoral “manufacturing” of androgens in the cells could already exist at the time a patient starts the treatment. In future these drugs will substitute the typical “arsenal” drugs of HT.
    Improvement of symptoms are expected but not avoided totally. Constant checkups of lipids are advisable.