Diag. 10/2011 t2a,n1,m1 Finishing 3rd round Sutent 8/17

Hans Peter
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Been gone awhile from here.Feeling good but still trying to come to terms with all of this.
Just finishing up my Sutent and preparing for PET Scan..Bone Scan and what ever else scan! Been rough at times.Except for my dog,I live alone. Family is 800 miles away in Tacoma,Wa.
I had to stop taking my meds. on Friday due to the severe rib pain I was experianceing.
Almost considered going to emergency...pain 11 on scale of 1-10! Really labored to get a breath the last hour. At 11pm I took a 0.5 mg clonazepam .Pain subsided enough for me to sleep.Been 3 days now and still a bit sore...Anyone else have this severe pain? I'll take my meds today until Friday when I see the Doc....At the start of treatment i experianced fevers of 105+!!I was taken off and eased back on slowly...End of last round found me in Emergency with elevated Blood Pressure....It ALL sounds worse than it has been...I want to survive this!!! Just been tough here alone..So easy to just tell everyone...Im ok!


  • lbinmsp
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    I can relate
    I too live alone,am very independent and love my life. Family far away so I too have to fight this fight alone.

    I did one (half) trial of Sutent. I too experienced a major increase in pain through my rib cage and around through my back and neck. My oncologist had no answer to why this was happening and sent out a prescription for Vicoden but to keep taking the Sutent. 16 days in I'd never felt so sick in my life and actually had an 'undocumented' side effect of extremely low blood pressure. After passing out cold on the floor and waking up to find I could not get a blood pressure reading scared me half to death! After about 30 minutes I finally got a reading of 90/50 - called my oncologists office and was told to stop the meds immediately and if my BP didn't normalize within an hour, to get to the emergency room. Well, a couple of friends called and yelled at me so loudly that I think that is what brought my BP back up! (JOKE - but kinda true).

    I've since done some further research and it seems some people do experience this increase in pain. Haven't found anything, though, on the why.

    Good luck to you!