Spindle Cell Skin cancer? 7/25/11

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Hi All: I had a hard white bump on my upper arm (last fall) - looked like a zit but it was more of a waxy thing - I picked it off and there was a small hole in my arm, little blood, and it scabbed and then the white bump returned - I did this about 3 times with the same results. I had my dermatology check up a couple months ago and mentioned it - almost didn't because it had no color- the derm asked if I was sure it wasn't a scar - I said I never heard of a scar you could pick off & have it come back (3 or 4 times, no less!) So she did a "scrape" biopsy of that and also a suspicious mole - the mole came back as "moderately abnormal" so we are just watching it - the white bump came back as "spindle cells" but I was told it was inconclusive and I needed an incisional biopsy - I went to Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon NH - rated in the top 40 of cancer centers - and I had the same surgeon who did my Total Thyroidectomy (I had stage 4 ThyCa almost 8 years ago) - I will get my results today or tomorrow - but I have been making myself crazy trying to learn what I can about spindle cell skin cancer - there is not much info - even on the Net - I am also wondering if the fact that I had ThyCa is significant - so the question is - Has anyone out there had anything like this "waxy white bump" thing happen to them, and also does anyone know if there could be some link to the ThyCa? I am not sleeping well and I am constantly anxious - I just want to know what I am dealing with....


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    spindle cell
    I was told I have same but on right side of tongue, mine is called spindle cell squamous carcinoma, Dr told try get into VA Hospital Houston,Tx, M D Anderson has a clinic there.THEY TOOK IT OFF 08/06/2012 this is driving me crazy, caught HEP C in service from blood back in 60's, has anyone had anything simular? waiting to hear from M D Anderson Cancer in Houston