Natly15, BellaLuna, and Olga, THANK YOU!!

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Sandy, thank you so much for the card and beautiful earrings - Ines, thank you so much for the card and wonderful words of encouragment - Olga, thank you so much for all the cards, words of encouragment and just being you:)!
You have no idea how much it meant to me and how every card came at just the right time, times I was feeling pretty low and wanting to completely give up, then I check the mail (it was forwarded to my new address which I will give to you if you'd like) to find a card giving me strength and hope that just maybe I can do this a little longer. It softens my heart and soul to the absolute core to know there are such beautiful people on here and people who have never met me but they keep me going. I truly love ALL of you and I know I'm not good about getting on here but dont doubt for a second that you're not all in my prayers and on my mind every day! This has got to be the best bunch of people that I've ever come to know and I'm so blessed to have you and this site. Thank you again!
Miles of Love


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    Kari thank you
    Thank you for being our friend, for your kind words, for sharing your journey. I still cannot believe what has been happening. Ines is on vacations, I will pass your message to her and Sandy.
    Have a nice trip to Rocky mountains.
    Love and hugs back