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I was diagnosed ten years ago with CLL that did not require any treatmant at the time. Through the years I was upgraded to stage 0 than stage 1. About 5 months ago I went in for a hernia operation which was stopped because of my blood count. I'm now at stage IV and started FCR chemo three weeks ago. I've been very sick since and was told by my Doctor that the first two weeks I would be extremly sick which was true. I receive all three chemo drugs on day 1, two more on day2, and two more on day 3. On day 4 I receive a shot. This repeats after three weeks and have been told that it will be done for 6-9 months. My question is this third week that was suppose to be my best is turning out to be bad. I'm very tired and weak and my bones hurt very bad. Has anyone else expererieced the same thing. I was told that I might be able to work (at a high school) for the last two weeks but the way I feel that would be impossible.


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    Sorry about your CLL my daughter has ALL which I know is very similar. She failed the induction period which really is after the first chemo she relapsed. So they started her on a similar protocol like yours. OH My Goodness (she will be having somthing like 8 cycles. She started chemo in November 2011 and according to her blood counts I think that she will probable finish her chemo at the end of the year. Yes, she was very weak, very tired and her body pained her alot. The third chemo was a killer, her blood counts went down to almost zero and she got an infection which landed her in ICU for 10 days, she almost died. Thank God for being there for us and thank God for giving these Doctors the wisdom that they have. Some advice----my daughter does no accept blood transfusions, because we are Jehovah's witnesses but we use a drug called PROCRIT which helps to build up the blood. It is remarkable, but at the same time the treatment is a killer. It is also amazing how the body builds up itself. Hang in there and the most important thing for you right now is to think positive and be brave. All this medicine is doable and eventually you will begin to feel better. It is also okay if you do not feel well enough to go to work. She did not work since she was diagnosed 8 months ago it was impossible. Have you started paper work for disability? Please let the Docs know how you feel and don't be afraid of asking questions. There are meds that they can give you for pain and to help you with the tirednes and the weakness. May our Dear Creator of this universe give you guidance and wisdom so you can endure this journey to better health. Until, do your best to be positive. Hope you keep in touch. j