Gleevec after meals??

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My fiance has been a remission CML patient for the past 5 years, recently he showed signs of relapse. About 0.03%, doctor feels its due to his irregular schedule of taking gleevec and not following the medicine instructions of taking it an hour after meals.

Is this common? Should we been concern that is a sign of the medication wearing off?

Thanks any information and advice helps!


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    I am curious,when I was on Gleevec I was supposed to take Gleevec with a meal and a large glass of water. I used to take mine in the middle of supper, otherwise I would get nauseated. It is very important to take the medicine at roughly the same time each day, and missing doses can cause the CML to relapse. However if the Gleevec does quit working there is Sprycel, Tasigna and two other drugs that are in trial but getting very good results that he could be switched to.
    It is quite common for your numbers to jump around a little, has his blood counts been fairly stable? What was his previous couple of PCR results?