Gargle and spit w/ Tylenol PM helped pain

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Hey all ....

The last month I have had some pretty bad pain in my uvula (sp) area...not worried about it as oncologist did a scope July 1 and said all looks good ..ENT also said pain will come and go when I saw him July 19th.. ..but boy, really painful this past week. The pain seems to be coming from the uvula (that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat..that looks like an upside down thumb) ...and I have noticed more mucous than usual...

I live at 5,200 feet up and it has really been VERY dry and hot here in central Idaho (100 miles north of Boise). So I think that too is part of the problem.

I digress.

Anyway ....I was really needing some pain relief this past week and I know from past experience Tylenol PM (or generic version of it) kind of numbs my tongue when I chewed it in the past ...

So I said to myself, self, why not chew a couple and swish, gargle with water. So I did and walla!!! It really helped. I did not swallow it and I garlged for a good 4-5 minutes with it in the deep part of my throat that was some good relief for quite some time..

I know we are all different and I know there is chloraseptic spray out there as well as other stuff (sp) ...but this really lasted quite some time and worked good for me in the event it can help someone else...I thought I would share.

I am no doctor and I promote no product here ..just fyi. :)




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    use for tylenol
    Hey Tim,

    Good idea and it has been tested with measured good performance. It is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions.

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing pain in the Uvula area, how uncomfortable. The heat and elevation probably do play havoc with your throat. Stay hydrated and get better soon.


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    thanks for the tip! if I
    thanks for the tip! if I have to do that, for once I'll be glad to have wrecked taste buds.
    hope the pain goes away.