a tiny bit about me~~~

Today, the 29th, my boys have left to go home to Chicago. Ten days of fishing,arcades,miniture golf, Cedar Point for 3 days, eating out, movies , etc..are over and gone..making memories, this Grandmom is soooo happy to be around to share in the fun!!!


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    fun in the sun

    Hey, sounds like a lot of fun, do you want to adopt me? Glad to hear of a bright spot in your summer.


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    I love
    Being a grammieahe...when I was going thru treatments and had no hair my granddaughter would call me and say how is my bald headed grammie doing...when my daughter and I told her that I was sick, that the medicine I had to have would make loose my hair at 6 years old she was worried that people would stare at me...when we assured that they wouldn't she was fine....and now, gosh its hard to believe that it will be a year next week that tx started...we will be going on vacation together at the end of August.
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    Cedar Point...
    Growing up in central Ohio...Cedar Point was on the aganda every summer....