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Hi everyone. I have a question about chemo and hydration. My dad had his last chemo treatment on June 18. During the 6 weeks of chemo he would often get very tired as a result of dehydration and end up at the cancer center to be hydrated. He has been doing ok lately but he has also been working very hard in the 90 degree heat we have been having. (He is a tile mason). Yesterday he started feeling tired again and today when he stopped by to pick up my son to go to work with him he looked pale, tired and out of breath. My question is this- I know that the chemo stays in your system for 4-6 weeks following treatments. Is it possible that he needs to be hydrated? Especially since he has had such a problem staying hydrated in the past. Thank you in advance for any replies


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    Don't hesitate to call the
    Don't hesitate to call the Oncologist for any little reason. It never hurts to ask a question, or to go in for a quick check.
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    Daughter just had chemo yesterday and they do hydration all during the chemo. It seems to help with the side effects.
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    I wonder about same thing
    I had same treatments. 5 weeks of taxol/carbo 28 treatments of radiation will end on July 27. Had low blood pressure (80/60 ish) for last few weeks and low white cells and platelets delayed chemo one week. Oncologist dropped taxol from last chemo. I had IV fluids twice a week for last 3 weeks and they want to continue at least for a little while. Blood pressure would come back up to near 100/70 following IV fluids.
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    Hydration is a must!
    Hi Heather,
    I just wanred to weigh in a little about the hydration. My husband had it every time he had his chemo and also the shots when his white blood cells were low. It's important.
    Do speak with your onco on the phone and don't make light of it. It's the only way sometimes to get them moving.
    Hoping your Dad will be feeling much better soon.
    Hugs and prayers,