my son's been off treamtent 2 yrs and now look

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OMG I've been so stressed out for the last few weeks.

My son at age 4 1.2 was diagnosed with ALL he's been in remission now since aug of 07 but now all the long term effects of his chemo are coming into play.

he;s majorly borderline diabetic. and just in the last 2 weeks he was diagnosed with seizures they are unsure if theya re caused by the chemo but due to him getting methotrexate via the spinal cord to go to his brain I wouldnt be surprised if it comes into play.

Financally we're struggling and now with the constant back and forth for testing and going to the not only to see the onocologist we're dealing with neurology now too. my husbadn was laid off and his unemployment is toast. they will not give him another extension after the amount he's had plus there's a major screw up. So now we're living off a tad bit from aFDC and my son's SSI BUT the biggest thing is my son's doc is 45 min away from where we live and right now we're going weekly to his appts. We need help with transportaiton costs and living costs and I dont knwo what to do. I'm freaked out my son who's now 10 is freaked out now having an idea of what is going on with him. and now we risk losing everything home car everything once again (we lost everything in yr 2 of treatment.)


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    sorry to hear of your misfortune! a lot of times the hospital has a social worker that families can talk with and help. Times are tough and the most important is your son and care, He will not be turned away and hopefully help and good fortune will come your way. best of luck to your family!
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    If you have a church family,
    If you have a church family, ask for benevilance assistance. Please be encouraged. WE lost everything in a fire so I understand how u feel...i am conqering the giant of colon cancer...All malignacies are 'evil invaders' but I pray the reversal of the diabetes of your son and that he will begin to walk in devine good health....amen!
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    Go over and look at
    Go over and look at they have assistance for travel expenses.